UBCSAT is a software framework that includes numerous SLS algorithms for solving SAT and MAX-SAT.

UBCSAT is NOT a single algorithm...  you must specify an algorithm to use.

UBCSAT was designed to be a command-line utility.  (There has been interest in making it more of a general software library -- get involved in the newsgroup if you're interested)

You can read the original publication (or the preprint) for more information.  It's also a chapter in Dave's PhD dissertation.

Here are the goals of the UBCSAT project from the original publication
  • Include highly efficient, conceptually simple, and accurate implementations of a wide range of prominent SLS algorithms for SAT and MAX-SAT
  • Facilitate the development and integration of new algorithms (and algorithm variants)
  • Provide support for advanced empirical analysis of the performance and behaviour of SLS algorithms without compromising implementation efficiency
  • Provide explicit support for algorithms designed to solve the weighted and unweighted MAX-SAT problems
  • Provide an open-source software package that is publicly available to the academic community
  • Implement the project in a platform-independent way, avoiding non-standard programming language extensions.